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Yes it's a plantWinning a new deal is always a buzz. The client signs on the dotted line, you smile inwardly, knowing that here’s another deal you don’t need to explain as to why it went wrong. Now here’s the thing; most new startups struggle or even fail because they make 2 fundamental mistakes:

  • They spend too much time analysing weaknesses and no time at all on the strengths.
  • They replicate problems by rolling out too much too soon.

Analysing your strengths in winning deals highlights all the things you need to replicate. Analysing the losing deals only serves to understand mistakes, and remember when you’re going through all of this analysis it has an impact on morale. The lesson here is spend as much, if not more time on analysing the winners, it pays greater dividends all round.

Leave no stone unturned when analysing the winners. Go through each stage of the sales cycle right from how the customer heard about you through to ink drying on paper, and keep asking yourself the why and what questions. Look at every aspect, what the client might have been thinking, what external events may have influenced certain stages of the deal,  did playing golf cement the relationship, everything. Try and recant all the little detail too, had the client just come back from holiday with renewed vigour, etc. Be clinical in your analysis.

The more you analyse the good stuff, the more good stuff you’ll replicate in your roll out plans. Always better to spend time on the positives, if you don’t you’ll never know the full story behind your successes, instead you’ll just keep knocking items off your “mistakes list”.

Now roll out the same principle across other functions in the business and enjoy the benefits!


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